Best Dimmer Switches for LED Lights 2023 (Updated)

Best dimmer switches for led lights are the devices that are connected to the light fixture and used to lower the brightness of lights. By changing the voltage applied to the lamp or any led bulb, it is possible to lower the intensity of the light output with the help of the best LED dimmer switch. There are many types of dimmer switches that are available in the market. Size and shapes are different, and also the variety of best programmable light switches is very wide.

The size of dimmer switches ranges from small units to high-power units. The small unit is basically suitable for domestic light, and the high-power units are basically used in large lighting installation. New, modern, and best led dimmer switches are built from semiconductors because of their high efficiency. The semiconductor dimmer switches are also known as solid-state dimmers; these dimmers switch quickly and easily between a high state and a low state.

Now here we are going to explain Top 10 best dimmer switches for led lights to help you choose the suitable one for you.

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Short of Time? Then have a glimpse at our table and make your choice.

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Top 10 Best Dimmer Switches for LED Lights with Specs, Reviews & Pros-Cons

1. Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting/Dimming Kit:


  • Its weight is about 1.12 ounces.
  • This best smart dimmer switch uses 120 volts and 600 watts.
  • Its color is white.
  • The components of this best dimmer switch for led lights are Pico remote control, smart bridge, Caseta in-wall dimmer with wall plate.
  • Its dimensions are 2*5.9*6.8 inches.
  • Its battery is made up of lithium metal.
  • The dimmer can handle the brightness of 17 bulbs at a time (8.5W each).

The reviews about this best led dimmer switch with no flicker are Very positive. Lutron Caseta wireless lighting kit is one of the top-ranked best dimmer switches for led lights. This best-led dimmer switch allows one to set the light according to the occasion or any activity, whether it is watching TV, reading books, any get-together, or any casual dinners. Pico remote, which comes with this dimmer switch, allows controlling the intensity of lights from anywhere in the house.

The shape and designs are very attractive. The remote control system is very quick and easy to use. There is no hard and fast rule to run this remote. One just has to run only four buttons, two buttons used for dimming the lights, and two used for toggling on/off the lights. This best smart dimmer switch uses 120 volts and 600 watts.

This is the top dimmer switch with wireless remote control. The remote resembles the switchboard. There are a total of four buttons on this best programmable led switch. Two buttons are used for dimming the lights and two are used for toggling on/off the lights


  • The remote response is very quick
  • It can support different types of lightning
  • This dimmer doesn’t require any neutral wire
  • It is very easy to install
  • It sends push notifications if lights left on
  • When clock changes preset adjusted
  • It supports only three ways switches
  • Easily controllable from any smartphone app
  • It has a lot of presets and settings


  • The warranty coverage is very limited
  • Costlier than its competitors 
  • It doesn’t have custom fade duration settings in it
  • It is less affordable than other conventional led dimmers
  • The face plates are bulky and stick out from the wall


  • The most adorable feature of this best dimmer switch is that it works with voice control. And this advanced feature works with Alexa by Amazon.
  • Operating humidity is 5 to 90%.
  • Its supported voltages are 100 to 120A.
  • It has the feature of the best programmable light switch with the help of this one can set the timings.
  • Weight is 4.8 ounces.
  • Lights can be easily remotely controlled.
  • The dimensions of this dimmer are 1.5*3.3*5 inches.
  • The system requirement is android 5.0 and higher and iOS 10 or higher.

Another unique led dimmer switch is TP-Link smart Wi-Fi light switch HS200. It allows one to control anything or all the light bulbs as a standard light switch controls. This best dimmer switch for led bulbs is controllable with a remote. One can easily control fans, home lighting, and other appliances with its Kasa app easily through mobile phones.

This is another most demanded dimmer smart switch due to its amazing features. Its most appealing feature is its Google assistance or Amazon Alexa.  This best dimmer switch for led bulbs makes people’s life is easier with this voice connectivity feature. Its switch style is one way, and its material is plastic. There is no battery included. The warranty for this best-led switch dimmer is two years.


  • Very easy to install
  • Very easy to control
  • It works with Alexa or Google assistance


  • The customer support is not good
  • There are Wi-Fi connectivity issues in this dimmer
  • The notches of diming are hard to use

3. Lutron Caseta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer Switch:


  • Its two-wire dimmer is ideal for retrofit applications.
  • Operating voltage limit is 120V or 50/60 HZ.
  • The operating temperature of this best-led dimmer switch is 32 to 104F.
  • It works with Pico remote control.
  • This model has a Caseta motion sensor.
  • Available colors are white, black, ivory, and almond.
  • Its weight is 5 ounces.
  • The dimensions are 2*3.4*5.5 inches.
  • It’s a three-way switch type made up of plastic.

This dimming control switch is another product by Lutron Caseta. These best dimmer switches for led bulbs make life easier. It comes in different varieties and colors, which are elegant and attractive in looks. The specs are mentioned below: 

This best-led dimmer switch has advanced features and has three ways of capability switch. One can easily handle all light bulbs just by clicking on the remote. This remote can be bought separately by using some extra amount. This dimmer has a variety of colors so one can select according to their need, which is suitable for the colors of the walls.


  • Easy installation
  • Three-way switch capability
  • Used by convenient way
  • It does not require any neutral wiring
  • By using Pico wall, mount one can add switch anywhere


  • It doesn’t have any last use memory
  • It doesn’t have any bridge
  • The remote need to be purchased separately with extra money

4. Leviton Sure Slide Universal Dimmer Switch:


  • Available colors: white, black, ivory, light almond, brown.
  • It has a minimum light level adjustment.
  • Weight is 3.2 ounces.
  • Three-way switch functionality.
  • Operating voltages are up to 120V.
  • It has a slide switch and rocker switch styles.
  • The box comes up with electrical outlet switches, a cord, and power management.

This best dimmer switch for led lights is very great and elegant. It is a leading manufacturer designed for both the energy savings benefit and ambiance that can be easily created in any room by controlling lighting levels. The price of the best dimmer switch is low. It is lightweight, and a three ways switch type.

This Leviton sure slide universal provides full slide action, smooth full-range dimming for LED bulbs, and CFL lamps.  These dimmers are specially designed for users who choose to adjust lighting each time when the device is used.


  • Easy to use
  • It has clear instructions with it
  • Great dimming ability
  • Very attractive, stylish
  • It has a rocker on/off switch


  • A bit difficult to use for kids
  • It is a bit expensive
  • It features a preset on/off switch

5. Wemo Dimmer Switch:


  • The dimensions are 3.3*1.7*5 inches.
  • Weight is 8 ounces.
  • Shipping weight is 12 ounces.
  • It has an in-wall design.
  • Controllable dim lights from anywhere in the home.
  • It has a voice mode feature that works fine with Alexa of Amazon and Google assistance.

With the help of this Wemo dimmer, one can easily control lights or led in the home from anywhere. This best dimmer switch for led bulbs is easily controllable and works with Wi-Fi. It has the support of Google assistance and Alexa by Amazon. The verities of these dimmers are huge and great, which enhances the show of the room.

Wemo Smart switch dimmer is controlled by Wi-Fi, and there is no need for remote control and diming features. One can easily set automatic schedules. This best-led switch dimmer is offered more smart home integration than any of the other devices.


  • It has a dimmable touch slider
  • There is no bridge needed
  • Easily installable
  • The associate app is very Convenient
  • It has a voice feature


  • There is no three-way switch applicable
  • Its cost is a bit high
  • Need to be patient while setting up and wiring

6. Lutron Diva LED Dimmer Switch:


  • It comes in various colors like white, bluestone. Almond, biscuit, black, limestone, Merlot, goldstone, grey, hot, snow, etc.
  • Weight is 12 ounces.
  • Switch style is a rocker switch.
  • It doesn’t require any battery.
  • Power Consumption is 150 watts.
  • It’s a three-way/single pole switch
  • The dimension of this best switch foe led is 7.4*4.7*2.3 inches.

It is a very good and best tunable dimmer. It’s a four-star rated product. The dimming range is adjustable between 70 to 90%. There is one note of caution that one must have to use a neutral wire when hooking it up. Due to all other advanced features, this is a very famous dimmer.

Lutron is a company that makes high standards and creative’s switches. So, Lutron dive is another product by Lutron Company. This best dimmer switch for led lights is very great and unique.



  • Variety of colors
  • Diversity of styles
  • It works better with led retrofit lights
  • They are long-lasting
  • They are energy efficient


  • They are not always dimmer compatible
  • They depreciate in brightness
  • It takes more energy

7. Lutron Credenza Dimmer Switch:


  • The weight of this item is 6.4 ounces.
  • The dimensions are 2.7*4*6 inches.
  • The operating voltage is about 120V.
  • It comes in different colors: white, black, brown.
  • The switch style is sliding.
  • It has a one-year warranty.
  • The wattage of this dimmer is 300 watts.

People are now looking to be able to adjust the nightstand lighting with the help of this best dimmer switch for led bulbs easily. It has a wide selection of reliable and versatile products. It doesn’t require any wiring system. The installation is easy and stresses the free process.

This best-led switch is another product by Lutron. This works with dimmable CFL and LED bulbs or halogen bulbs. HED technology is used in it, and it requires no wiring; just plug in it and then use it.


  • Have control within reach
  • No worry about connectivity
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to handle
  • It can turn on easy with the help of a slide or a switch


  • No use of electric device separately
  • Wi-Fi device is not available
  • No voice control system

8. Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch:


  • Weight is 2.4 ounces.
  • Its dimension is 17.6*5.9*10.6 inches.
  • Works with Alexa by Amazon. 
  • It can control 10 of one’s room’s lights at a time.
  • Wireless control is available.

This best dimmer switch for led bulbs has a simple setup system. So, there is no need to hire an electrician. The quality of the dimmer is very good. It’s a five-star rating dimmer switch, and people love this too. It has all the advanced and new easy-to-use features, and the price of this dimmer is not too high.

For the one who loves to use or try something with convenient remote control, this dimmer switch is a great option. This product is a great innovation by Philips Company. There is no need to hire an electrician for fitting. It is very easy to hold and install.


  • Very easy to handle
  • It is lightweight
  • It is wireless
  • No batteries are required
  • It is home kit compatible


  • It requires a hue bridge
  • No dimmer option
  • It is a bit expensive

9. Leviton Decora Smart LED Dimmer Switch:


  • The Weight of this dimmer is 5.6 ounces
  • The dimensions are 2.1*1.4*4.1 inches
  • The Only available color is white
  • It’s a three-way switch type
  • Its profile plug is a wall mount
  • The wattage is 600
  • The warranty description of this device is five years

This best smart dimmer product is very elegant. This increases the show of any room or house. The review of this product is positive and good. This attracts all of the users. One can easily adjust the light bulbs sitting on the sofa while watching movies. It is a bit expensive but still, people buy and use it for their houses.

Amazon Alexa’s voice control feature makes it one of the best smart dimmers and it can control the lights according to need. It is a top-notch dimmer, and it also works with Google assistance. The price of this best dimmer switch for led lights is average not too high nor low.


  • Easy toggles
  • No bridge needed in it
  • Great design and feature
  • Three-way switch


  • It is expensive
  • It has no battery

10. Insteon SwitchLinc Remote Control Dimmer Switch:


  • The weight of this dimmer is 4.8 ounces
  • The dimensions of this product are 4*2*2 inches
  • It comes in different colors: black, white, almond, ivory, light almond
  • The wattage is 600 watts
  • Switch style is a rocker switch
  • There is no battery includes
  • It has two years of product warranty

This dimmer switch has five stars review from all the customers and It can control the lights all over the house without any hurdles. One can easily enjoy their gatherings, functions, or dinners while setting the lights. One must buy this best dimmer switch for the décor of their house.

This high-tech product is very attractive and unique. This best dimmer switch for led lights consumes low electricity and allows one to control the intensity of lights easily in hand.


  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • It acts as mesh networks
  • Easy to install


  • It is not easy to pair
  • The paddle is slightly loose
  • It has a limited range of less ten 40 feet indoor

Buying Guide Of Best Dimmer Switches For LED Lights

You already decided to buy LED dimmer switches and in front of you, there are several options available. We already introduced you and reviewed the Top 10 Best dimmer switches for LED lights. But on what basis you should select a dimmer we’ll give you an idea.

Dimmer Type

Various types of Dimmer switches are available and they are suitable for different situations. Firstly, you should look at the number of switches controlling your fixtures as this makes it easy to choose the right dimmer type.

Single pole, four-way, multi-location, and plug-in dimmer are the 4 main types of Dimmer Switch.


The next thing you should look at before purchasing Dimmer Switch is the wattage. Make sure the wattage on your light bulb can be handle by the dimmer. 

For preventing overloading consider the number of bulbs you want to use by the dimmer.

Additionally, you can check these special features in the dimmer switch.

Remote Control

A remote control system dimmer switch will give you the ease to dim or on/off the LED bulbs sitting at a place without moving. No need to walk to control the switch in a certain range. 

Make sure the range of the remote is sufficient to control the whole room else your dimmer switch will fail to receive the signal of the remote after a certain distance. 

It’s better to go for a remote control dimmer switch that has a large button and is easy to press as it’ll completely change the user experience. 

Also, be sure if there is a delay response in the dimming switch after pressing the remote. If delay response exists then it’ll be confusing while controlling.

Locator light

In the darkroom, it’s sometimes difficult to find the switch to turn on the light. So, you can find a dimmer switch with the locator lights to easily spot the switch.

Smart Device

To get smart home systems it’s cool to control the light smartly. So, to control the light smartly make sure your dimmer switch has a WiFi system as it’ll connect the dimmer switch with your Smartphone and you will be able to control the light using your phone. It’s more practical than the remote system.

Besides, you can control lights with your voice if your dimmer switches are equipped with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings. 

You can dim and turn on/off the light using your voice command after connecting these devices.

Neutral Wire

A dimmer switch with a motion sensor, smart control, and locator lights requires power even after turning the light off. So, the smart switch needs a neutral wire to complete the circuit even when it is turned off.

On the other side, a dimmer switch with no neutral wire means no electricity will pass through the light switch when it is turned off.

Motion Sensor

Some smart dimmer switches have motion-sensing features. That means the light will be automatically on when someone enters the room and will be off when leaves the room.


For bedroom use, the timer function dimmer switch is always useful as by presetting the time light will be automatically off after some time when we fall asleep.

Also for security purposes, time function light is best. Some light switch offers random time program, so the light will be auto on and off after a certain time. So it’ll look like someone is inside the house and your house will be safe from burglars when you are traveling.

Single Vs Multi-Room Control

Most of the LED dimmer switches are made to control the lighting in between just a single room. But if you wish to use it for the multi-room then look for a dimmer switch that will be compatible for more than one room according to your need.

FAQs on Dimmer switch

  1. How to avoid buzzing dimmer switch?

    The buzzing sound is very annoying for everyone. For tackling the buzzing sound it’s necessary to find out the reason.

    Overload of dimmer switches is the major reason for creating a buzzing sound. If the dimmer switch is designed for 200 watts LED bulbs but you give the pressure of 250 watts to the dimmer switch then obviously you will hear the buzzing sound.
    For an overload of current flow inside material may vibrate and results, you hear sounds continuously after turning the switch on.

    But, if you use the appropriate wattage and still hear a buzzing sound then it’s better to switch off the lights and check if the connection is okay or not. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge regarding this please call an electrician to fix the thing.

  2. Why are my LED lights flickering?

    Next to the buzzing sounds, another common problem of dimmer switches is flickering lights. The flickering light is very problematic; some may feel sick or even get headaches. Whether it is LED, CFL, or Incandescent bulbs all are flickers prone. You can check the following steps to solve this.
    Rapid On And Off
    The principle of dimmer switches is rapid on and off to reduce the brightness level. Old light bulbs may fail to withstand such high frequency and result in flickering. So, replace the bulb to sort out the problem.
    Loose Connection
    A loose wire connection is another cause of flickering. electric signals may lose sometimes due to loose connection and results inconsistent lighting.
    To fix this remove dusts and unwanted things from the circuit and connect the wire properly.
    Loose bulbs
    Likewise loose wire connection, the loose bulb may cause flickering. So, switch off the bulb and set the bulb in the base properly.

  3. Can I use non-dimmable bulbs with dimmer switch?

    No, you shouldn’t do that. A dimmable bulb will work with a non-dimmable switch but that won’t be vice versa.

    If you do so, the circuit inside non-dimmable LEDs won't be able to handle the dimming current and will be damaged eventually. They are only designed to operate with full power on and off.

  4. What Type Of Dimmer Switch Do I Need?

    Choose a dimmer switch that will be able to handle the total wattage of all the bulbs you will control with the dimmer.
    For instance, if the dimmer switch has to control a fixture with five 50 watt bulbs then you will need a dimmer switch rated 250 watts or more. You will get the details on the package.

  5. Does a Dimmer Switch Reduce Voltage?

    No, the dimmer switch doesn’t reduce the actual voltage level; it just chops a part of the voltage cycle.

  6. What Type Of Dimmer Switch Is Needed For LED Lights?

    For LED Lights trailing edge dimmers are the best while for incandescent and halogen light bulbs leading-edge dimmers work perfectly.

  7. Can I use a light dimmer to control a motor speed?

    Yes, you can. In this case, the power switch has to match the specs for the motors. For this choose a dimmer switch that is rated equal or more wattage as the motor.
    Best dimmers will have adjustable minimum speed settings to run an electric motor.

  8. Are Dimmer switches Energy-Efficient?

    Yes, they are. The dimmer switch reduces the flow of electricity to the bulbs and works with lower power output thus saving energy.

  9. Can I Use a Dimmer Switch To Adjust The Ceiling Fans?

    You shouldn’t try this. Theoretically, a dimmer switch can control a ceiling fan but standard dimmer switches are not designed for ceiling fans. So, they can overheat easily and even fire may be caused by this. 
    So, for ceiling fans go for a dimmer switch that is specially designed for fans.

Final Thoughts

As I have mentioned, Top 10 best dimmer switches for led lights. Every switch has its specifications and advanced features. In this review, I discussed the ten best dimmer switches. All dimmer switches are very good and perform well, but Lutron Caseta wireless smart lighting starter kit is very famous among customers due to its advanced feature. Due to its weight, and capability, it is trendy.

On the other hand, TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch HS200 is a programmable dimmer. This smart home system dimmer switch works with Alexa or Google assistance. It is a bit expensive but still very popular with customers who are choosy about the house interior.

After that, I would like to tell you about Lutron Credenza Dimmer. It has its own value in the market because it is also very lightweight, easy to install, easy to handle, and the most important thing is that it is very budget-friendly.

Another famous dimmer is Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch, and it is very commonly used everywhere because it is wireless and can handle ten lights at a time. Its price is also very reasonable. Insteon SwitchLinc Remote Control Dimmer has many designs according to need, and it is commonly used. It is an average product with more features. As there are every kind and type of dimmers available for every type of customer. One can easily buy according to their need or budget.

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