Best Solar Landscape Spotlights2023 (Updated)

Let me start by telling you something from my own experience.

‘When I was 6 years old, I became afraid after witnessing something in the garden of my grandpa’s house when it was too dark.’

I think it’s a common childhood story of every human being. I doubt if you are one of them. Aren’t you? If yes, then this is for you.’

You may have planned to light up your garden or yard but are concerned about the electricity bill. But nothing to worry about at all as Solar Spotlight is there for you. Enlightening your yard or garden with the best outdoor solar landscape lights is a great way to solve your above problem. They’re energy-efficient and can provide you with great lighting conditions without a load of energy bills. But it’s not easy at all to find a suitable solar light in a variety of solar spotlights in the market.

But why are we here? We are going to introduce you to the Top 10 best solar landscape spotlights on the market.

Before going to our pickings let me tell you some factors that you have to keep in mind for choosing the best solar landscape spotlights.

  • Brightness
  • Lighting Range
  • Battery Type
  • Charge & Runtime
  • Durability

Keeping these in mind let’s head into our article.

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Top 10 Best Solar Landscape Spotlights Reviews



  • Item model number: LL-CM12
  • Material: High-impact ABS Plastic
  • Number of LEDs: 12pcs
  • Lighting Angle: 120°
  • Battery Type: 3.7 V 18650 Lithium
  • Max. Run Time: 6-12 hours
  • Charging time: 4-5 Hours under direct sunlight
  • Special Features: Wireless / Waterproof IP67 Outdoor Solar Spotlights
  • Color Temperature: 3000K
  • Runtime: 6 – 12 hours
  • Warranty: 2years

After going through the possible options for the best solar spotlights, we have picked LITOM SOLAR SPOTLIGHT as number one.

It is one of the best outdoor solar landscape lights that can light up the garden pathways in your home with a large angle of 120° again it’s adjustable to 90° as a result it can store more sunlight. So you can see it’s very flexible.

Each of the 1.5Watts LITOM solar lights comes with 12 LED bulbs that provide an overall illumination of 600 lumens. Besides you can save extra power using a 18650 Lithium rechargeable battery.

These solar lights can be mounted on a wall or stuck on a pole into the ground that helps to lighten up any part of the outside area. Besides, it requires no extra material for an installation.

Among us, those who prefer a unique and trendy look and want your used materials to be fashionable then LITOM can be the best choice for them.

This best solar-powered landscape spotlight has 2 lighting modes. On low brightness mode, it can light for up to 12 hours and on full brightness for about 6 hours. The auto turns off at sunrise and the auto turns on at night is a great feature of this light which can save energy outstandingly.

Talking about the durability of LITOM solar lights can survive in adverse conditions and it is the first solar spotlight with IP67 waterproof technology that gives more durability compared to other spotlights of a lower rating.

LITOM solar spotlight has been tested and approved by FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3, etc. Therefore, no doubt about the build quality. It’s supreme quality. In case something happens, a 2 years warranty is there for you. So, no tension about durability too.

You may think this best solar landscape spotlight has many advantages but how can it be possible without having any bad sides?

Here is your answer-

They aren’t too bright at all after a certain period. These lights will fade, it’s obvious, but some users experienced this within 3months.

Some users shared that out of 4 lights, 1 went strong but the rest 3 started to fade after 1 year. And few said that lights stopped working within 4 days. 

Though this solar light has a little bit of drawback and some users have bad experiences too but maximum users are happy with the quality and after-sale services.

So, the benefits are surely much higher than the disadvantages. Overall, the advantages of this best solar landscape spotlights suppress its disadvantages by a great margin.

So, if a well-renowned quality spotlight is your demand then surely you should consider LITOM SOLAR SPOTLIGHTS.


  • 12×2 LED in 2 Spotlights.
  • Double lighting modes.
  • Automatic Brightness Adjustments
  • Auto On/Off sensor setting.
  • 600 Lumens Brightness.
  • Adjustable Solar Panel.
  • IP67 Waterproof Technology.
  • Two-way easy installation.
  • 1800mAh Lithium Rechargeable Battery with solar panel.


  • Price is high.
  • Takes 4-5 hours for a full charge under sunlight.



  • Finish Type: Lacquered
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Waterproof rank: IP64
  • Time to Charge:4-5 hours
  • Max. Run time: about 6 – 9 hours
  • Battery Type: 3.7V 2200mAh
  • Size: 11 x 7 x 3.5 inches

With such an affordable price tag URPOWER solar spotlights can still compete with other quality brands. So, our next pick is URPOWER SOLAR SPOTLIGHT.

URPOWER provides quality solar lights. It’s one of the best-selling solar lights on the market and has the best solar landscape lighting reviews. With dual brightness mode and auto on/off function at sunrise and night surely gives you a reason to consider this if you want to buy new lights on a tight budget.

Within 4-5 hours, it’ll be fully charged under sunlight, and with a 2200mAh rechargeable battery can illuminate for up to 6-9 hours. In low brightness mode, it’ll run about 9 hours and in full brightness for about 6hours. It can easily be adjusted up to 180 degrees for optimum sun exposure and can be adjusted to 90 degrees as well.

No need for any additional installation materials, you can stick them into the ground. In addition, wall installation is also possible as it comes with the required screws.

When it’s come to durability, these lights are made with high-quality ABS plastic. URPOWER says these lights are waterproof having an IP64 rating and are heat-resistant as well. So nothing to worry about in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

But with good sides, this best outdoor solar landscape light has few bad sides too. They aren’t fully adjustable. You can adjust it just in one direction. Though it has an IP64 rating, its waterproof level is still not as good as its competitors.

Some users said that they lasted only for 8 months and some said that they completely stopped working within a few days.

URPower Solar lights provide good outdoor looks at an affordable price. Automated functions will make it easy for new users. Moreover, Its brightness is so satisfying.

Though some users like 4-5% have bad experiences, they are well covered by the after-sale service of the company.


  • Adjustable angles
  • Individual solar panels
  • Auto ON/OFF feature
  • Dual Brightness modes
  • IP64 Waterproof
  • 2200mAh Battery
  • 180-degree rotatable Solar Panel
  • 6-10 hours of battery life
  • Budget-Friendly


  • No warranty mentioned
  • Only 200 Lumens Brightness.



  • Material: High-impact ABS Plastic & High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Shape: Round
  • Waterproof Level: IP65
  • Maximum Compatible Wattage:1.5Watts
  • Voltage: 3.7 Volts
  • Charge time: 8 hours
  • Work time: 6-12 hours
  • Battery: 2200mAh Lithium Rechargeable 

INNOGEAR is a pioneer company in the art of aromatherapy, light, and music that will change your routine life naturally. INNOGEAR provides one of the best SOLAR LANDSCAPE LIGHTING.

Though this brand offers some more solar lights as well, this one is value for money. With a fashionable outlook, 2-in-1 Innogear Solar Spotlight can shine powerfully. 1.5W Monocrystalline Silicon solar panel improved its energy conversion rate by 30% from the polysilicon panel.

Adjustable 90° light and 180° Solar panels illuminate any place while capturing full energy. Innogear Solar lights provide very focused light to highlight objects that help to catch immediate attention.

You can adjust the brightness too. On dim brightness, this solar spotlight can light up to 12 hrs and at high brightness around 5-6 hrs. This solar spotlight can also sense day and night and automatically turns off at sunrise and auto turns on at night time.

You will receive a pack of two lights with pre-mounted solar panels attached to each of them. The installation doesn’t require any tools, you can just stick them in the ground and can also be wall-mounted as well.

Innogear solar spot lights are IP65 waterproof, heat resistant. It is fully resistant to particles entering it and is resistant to jets of water. In addition, it has been tested and approved by FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3, etc., so there is no way to doubt the build quality. If anything happens InnoGear provides a 1-year warranty. 

Okay! Now, it’s time to hear some bad sides of InnoGear outdoor solar spotlights. InnoGear solar lights only light up when it’s completely dark otherwise don’t expect it’ll be automatically on in the evening.

Some users said that this solar spotlight can only light up for 4hours and some said that it didn’t even last for 2 days. And for some users, it lasted for 12 months but they are upset why not 18 months at least, now they can’t claim a warranty either. However, such cases are very few compared to the good experiences people have with it.

Innogear solar outdoor spotlights are worth purchasing. If you need to light up your yard with a decent branded product, you can check this. Additionally, You can claim your warranty within 1 year if you face any bad experiences with these solar lights.


  • Automatic On-Off feature
  • 90 degrees rotatable lights & 180 degrees rotatable solar panel
  • High Brightness
  • Dual Brightness adjustments
  • Dual Installation
  • Waterproof and Heatproof


  • Takes about 8hours for a full charge
  • Illuminates when it’s too dark only.
  • Build quality isn’t too good but overall ok.



  • Color: 7 Colors – 2pack
  • Solar Panel module: 5.5V 2.5W Polycrystalline panel
  • LED Beads: 18 LED
  • Illumination distance: Up to 33ft
  • Waterproof Rank: IP65
  • Light Color: 7 Colors
  • LED Power: 1.8W
  • Luminous Flux: 2 Lights up to 600lumens
  • Battery Type: 3.7V / 2200mAH 18650 Li-ion
  • Building Element: ABS + PC
  • Runtime: 10 hours approx.
  • Charge Time: 6-8 hours

If you want new outdoor solar spotlights to lighten up your patio and want to use this as an outdoor party light as well then ROSHWEY SOLAR LANDSCAPE SPOTLIGHTS are for you. It is one of the brightest solar landscape lights.

Yeah, our next pick is ROSHWEY solar spot lights.

ROSHWEY solar powered spotlights can emit seven different colored lights which will make your patio beautiful and will give you a party feeling. This pack includes 2 LED spotlights, each of them consisting of 18 high brightness LED beads and 9 lighting modes, which can provide 7 different colors.2.5watt monocrystalline silicon panel makes these lights more energy-efficient.

These solar spot lights are made of larger size solar panels and a 2200mAh Li-ion battery can enlighten up to 10 hours after a full charge. The solar panel can be rotated 180° up and down and 360° horizontally for proper sun exposure and the light head on the unit can be adjusted up to 120° to illuminate any place. So, no issue with flexibility.

ROSHWEY solar lights feature two installation methods. You can choose to wall-mount or stick the light in the ground.

You can trust its build quality too. They’re waterproof with an IP65 rating and made from high-quality eco-friendly ABS material for all adverse weather conditions usage.

Nothing to complain about these solar lights except the No auto on/off feature. The auto mode works only when the light stays off completely and if any motion is detected, this solar energy spotlight provides full brightness. And a small number of users complaining that lights became unusable within a few days.

But as a 1-year warranty is there for you nothing to worry about at all.

The overall quality and performance of these solar spotlights are good. They’re very bright & versatile compared to other spotlights. And with a 1-year warranty, you can fix these solar spot lights if there is any problem. It’s really a value for money product.


  • 1000 Lumens Brightness
  • 7 Colour lighting options
  • 2 installation methods
  • 2200mAh Li-ion battery
  • 360-degree horizontally and 180-degrees up and down adjustable solar panel with 120 degrees adjustable light
  • ABS material built-in
  • IP65 Waterproof rating
  • 10 hours of battery backup


  • Five hours charge is required to get started
  • No auto on/off feature.



  • Material: Abs
  • LED Quantity: 18PCS
  • Light color: 7 color
  • Luminous flux: 600lumens
  • Work Mode: Color Changing /Lock
  • Sensor Type: Light Sensor (Without motion detection)
  • Battery: Lithium 18650 3.7V 2200mAh
  •  Waterproof Level: IP65
  • 7 Fixed Color Modes, 7 Color Auto Changing Mode

DBF Solar spotlights are different from the color-changing solar powered light available on the market. With the DBF lights, you get the opportunity to choose from among 7 colors. You can lock the color you love or choose only RGB ( Red, Green, Bule ) auto change, and you can also choose 7 color automatic cycles.

This solar powered spotlight has 18 LEDs and offers double coverage that can illuminate up to 33 feet.

DBF-colored outdoor spotlights come with a 2200mAh battery. After full recharge, it can light for up to 8hours. Also in the winter season, these solar energy lights can run around 6 hours. These outdoor solar spot lights come with a built-in light sensor that automatically turns on at night and automatically turns off at sunrise providing up to 600 Lumens illumination.

No need for any extra tools for installation, you can stick them into the ground. In addition, wall installation is also available as this solar powered light comes with the required screws. DBF solar powered lights can survive in tough weather conditions. They are heat resistant and have an IP65 waterproof rating.

Talking about the disadvantages of these energy saving lights is that though it’s easy to install but difficult to remove from the ground, the ground structure is not fine.

Lack of brightness when running on coloring lights. After using these outdoor lights, few users shared that lights didn’t even last for 2 days.

Except for a few users’ bad experiences, most of the users were happy with these solar powered lights.

They can provide double coverage as well as offering colored light too. With changing color it gives a beautiful effect to your patio, if you like a party look then you can have a look at DBF solar powered lights.


  • Offers double lighting coverage
  • Long runtime in winter 
  • Built-in light sensor
  • Auto On/Off function
  • Colored lights are attractive


  • In coloring mode not too much bright
  • Underground structure isn’t reliable
  • When stuck in the ground hard to remove
  • Warranty isn’t mentioned



  • Material: ABS
  • Battery: 18650 solar powered    Rechargeable 2200mAh
  • Runtime: 6-9 hours
  • Luminous Flux: 200 Lumens in total
  • Warranty: 3 years

If you are looking for the versatility of lighting focus, brightness, and durability in all conditions then MAGICTEC SOLAR POWERED LANDSCAPE SPOTLIGHTS can be a good choice for you. 

This warm white magictec outdoor LED light is made of premium quality matter. These LED lights incorporate high-grade quality compound semiconductor materials. Each unit comprises 4 bright LED lights of 50 Lumens. For a total of 200 Lumens units configured with an ultra GTR lighting system with Built-in 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, they can illuminate effectively.

This solar powered spotlight requires no tools for installation. It’s very easy to install. You can choose either wall-mount or stick the light in the ground. And after installation, you can adjust the lighting direction up and down between 90 degrees and rotate the solar panel up to 180 degrees for a brilliant lighting experience.

For the optimum service, you should install this solar powered light in such a place where it can receive sunlight perfectly so that it can recharge itself with maximum sunlight exposure to give you a battery backup of approximately 9 hours. It has an auto-on/off feature that can effectively save power.

These solar powered lights offer high and low brightness modes as well. you can adjust them according to your needs.

Talking about durability, the company claims that these best outdoor solar spotlights are designed with waterproof and heatproof ABS materials which can survive in adverse weather conditions.

So, with the good sides of Magictec solar spotlights, they have drawbacks as well. Although they claim these spotlights are waterproof, they didn’t mention IP rating. So, you may face some issues in bad weather. Lights are not too bright and some users complain that this energy saving solar spotlight can only light up only for 3 hours.

Nothing to complain about the build quality. Still, if anything happens, Magictec offers a 3years long warranty for you. In this price range, MAGICTEC Spotlights can be a good choice.


  • 2200mAh battery
  • Long-life battery
  • Dual Installation
  • Dual Brightness mode
  • Auto On/Off feature
  • Very focused light
  • Durable


  • Only 200 Lumens Brightness
  • No IP rating mentioned



  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Voltage: 3.7 Volts
  • Wattage: 3 watts
  • Plug Profile: 360° solar panel and 360° rotatable spotlights
  • Waterproof Level: IP65
  • Battery details: 2200mAh rechargeable battery
  • Charge Time: 6-7 hours
  • Runtime: 6-8 hours

If you want to light up your outdoor space with solar spotlights then you can have a look at OLLIVAGE solar spotlights. Let’s know more about it-

OLLIVAGE outdoor lights have a smart feature. Usually, it is in DIM mode all night but if any motion is detected it automatically becomes brighter and returns to the DIM mode when the person leaves with PIR Motion Detection Sensor.

Ollivage solar spotlights outdoors have 3 heads with 30 LEDs which are 360° rotatable and can enlighten a large area. In addition, these spotlights have an auto on/off feature, and as soon as the sun rises the panel starts to recharge itself. Total 2200mAh battery takes 6-7 hours for a full charge. A full recharge can support you for 6-8hours approximately.

You need to install the solar panel under direct sunlight for optimum sun exposure. But for installation, you have only one option. You can’t stick them in the ground, you have to install them by mounting the wall.

With an IP65 rating, this Ollivage motion sensor light is waterproof, heat & frost resistant as well. Perfect for all kinds of tough weather conditions, perfect for outdoor, garden, driveway, front door, wall, street, garage, walkways, patios, backyards, and windows, etc.

OLLIVAGE outdoor space spotlights don’t give you facilities for 2-way installation. Lights ain’t bright enough. Some users have negative opinions about these lights. They said that these lights don’t work at all or are not as advertised.

Though some users have negative opinions as OLLIVAGE offers a 1-year warranty so you can get a replacement if anything happens.

Its motion sensor works perfectly. At an affordable price, it can be a good choice for you. In addition, maximum users are totally happy with these LED solar spotlights.


  • 2200mAh battery
  • Motion-sensor
  • 360° adjustable
  • Auto On/Off feature
  • Dual Brightness modes
  • Overcharge protection


  • Single way installation 
  • Not too bright



  • Material: High-impact ABS Plastic & High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Working Time: 6-12 hours
  • Working Mode: High/Dim
  • Feature: Auto On/Off
  • Waterproof Rank: IP66

Here is our 8th pick which is again a LED solar spotlight from the INNOGEAR brand.

Talking about this InnoGear LED solar light, you will have the flexibility to adjust the solar panel 180° up and down to capture the sunlight effectively. To obtain the best lighting angle, the light head is 90° rotatable to illuminate any place within a certain area.

The lights have 2 working modes. With the bright light mode, the spotlight can illuminate your patio. In bright mode, it’ll run about 6 hours max and in dim mode, they can enlighten up to 12 hours. 1.5W Monocrystalline Silicon solar panel improved its energy conversion rate by 30% from the polysilicon panel.

This LED solar light offers 2 installation methods. You can mount the wall or can spike it in the ground either. If you wanna know about its durability the lights are extremely durable and quality guaranteed. Innogear upgraded spotlights are waterproof with an IP66 rating, heat resistant as well.

This outdoor illumination spotlight is fully resistant to particles entering it and is resistant to jets of water. In addition, it has been tested and approved by FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3, etc., so no doubt regarding the build quality. If anything happens InnoGear provides a 1-year warranty.

The disadvantages of this InnoGear upgraded LED solar light are: They are unable to be turned towards the sun when facing east or west. If only facing south or north then it can be adjusted to face the sun directly. Some users said that they didn’t even last for 1 week. Anyone who needs to light up their yard on an affordable budget & wants a durable one can look for it. Above all, you will get a 1-year warranty on the lights so you can replace this LED solar light if anything happens.


  • Lighting Sensors
  • Dual Installation
  • Dual lighting modes
  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • Auto On/Off feature


  • Not fully adjustable
  • Long charging time



  • Material: High-impact ABS Plastic & High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Brightness Mode: 03
  • Voltage: 5.5 Volts
  • Wattage: 1.3 watts
  • Luminous Flux: 1200 Lumen
  • Battery: 18650 Lithium rechargeable
  • Waterproof Rank: IP67
  • Charge Time: 4-6 hours
  • Runtime: 6-24 hours 

At an affordable price, CLAONER LED SOLAR SPOTLIGHTS can be a good choice if you want the best solar-powered landscape spotlights

In other other solar spotlights, you have only two brightness lighting modes but for Claoner outdoor spaces spotlights, you have 3 three brightness lighting modes. In a low brightness setting, you can get a backup of around 24 hours. And in medium and high brightness mode around 12 hours and 6 hours respectively.

CLAONER outdoor spaces solar spotlights can automatically detect any changes in the brightness of the outer environment. If brightness becomes low, it will automatically switch from energy-saving mode to lighting mode without motion sensing. Besides these path lights, the auto on/off feature at night and dawn can save its battery effectively.

Each spotlight has 32 LEDs in total 1200 Lumens can light up more brightly than others spotlights available in the market. For optimum sun exposure, the solar panel can be adjusted to 90° and the lighting angles can be adjustable up to 150°as well.18650mAh rechargeable battery needs 4-6 hours to be fully charged under direct sunlight.

The solar panel of polycrystalline silicon converts up to 20% of the sunlight into electrical energy that ensures the long standby time of these spotlights. It requires no extra materials for installation. You can just stick them in the ground or can mount them on the wall with provided screws as well.

With an IP67 waterproof rating, these lights can withstand rain and other adverse weather conditions. In addition, being made of high-impact ABS plastic ensures its long durability.

Though it has 1200Lumens luminous flux it can’t illuminate a large area. And some users faced bad experiences with these spotlights as they said they can’t light up for more than 2 hours.

Claoner Solar spotlights are much more advanced than the other spotlights available in the market.

Without some user’s bad experience you won’t find any flaw in these spotlights. In this price range, Claoner Solar spotlights can be a great deal.


  • Affordable Price
  • 3 Brightness Lighting Modes
  • IP67 waterproof
  • In total 1200 Lumens Luminous Flux
  • Long Runtime


  • Can’t scatter the light much
  • Adjustability of solar panels isn’t too good
  • No warranty mentioned



  • Material: Aluminum
  • Battery: 3.7V 4000mAh 18650 Lithium battery
  • Lighting Mode: 02
  • Voltage: 6Volts
  • Runtime: 8-12 hours
  • Waterproof Level: IP65 
  • Illuminating Distance: 15M
  • Warranty: 1 year

Our last but not the least pick is APONUO SOLAR SPOTLIGHTS. Considering the features, this one can be a perfect deal for you. Let’s check in detail.

Other spotlights you have seen earlier come with a 2000 to 2200 mAh battery but these APONUO spotlights come with a 4000mAh big battery. That means you’ll get a large runtime. In the daytime, the solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy and stores it in built-in batteries. It provides a runtime of 6 to 12 hours depending on high and dim brightness mode.

4 pcs 2W 12V garden lights with one 5W removable solar panel, built-in 3 bright LED lamp beads can surely brighten up more effectively. In addition, the auto on/off feature at night and sunrise gives ease to the user.

APONUO solar spotlights can be installed in the ground or can be wall mount as well. By connecting the lights with provided 3m cable you can adjust the lighting angles up to 120° to meet your requirements.

The manufacturer tried to give these spotlights a unique and fashionable look as APONUO spotlights cast aluminum textured black finish spotlight fixtures instead of commonly used ABS plastic. The solar lights have an IP65 waterproof rating that can withstand rainy and snowy weather conditions. 

With advantages, these spotlights have few disadvantages too. On the first charge, it’s very slow. It may take a couple of days to be fully charged and some users are unsatisfied with the runtime as they say they can only light up for a couple of hours.

It takes a couple of days to be fully charged for the first time. But once it’s fully charged you’ll get a long battery backup.

Manufacturers offer a year warranty in case something happens. With 4 lights and a panel is value for money though it could be a little cheaper.


  • Built of Aluminum alloy
  • Dual brightness settings
  • 4000mAh big battery
  • Auto On/Off feature
  • Extra 3m cable
  • IP65 waterproof


  • Panel can’t be adjusted separately
  • Only 200 Lumens Lighting
  • If any bright lights sense by the spotlight they will turn off automatically
  • Price is a little bit high

Buying Guide of Best Solar Landscape Spotlights

To save huge electricity consumption it’s better to go for solar spot lights; performance is the same as electrical powered light.

But few things need to consider to get the best value for money solar powered spotlight.

Here is a complete buying guide of Best Solar Landscape Spotlights


You want a spotlight to lighten up your outdoor spaces, Right? Then make sure the light is bright enough to illuminate a large area.

The brightness of the light is measured in terms of Lumens. In general brightness of the solar spotlight ranges from 200 lumens to 1400 lumens. The higher the lumens higher will be the brightness. If you prefer soft lighting in your garden then 200 lumens light will be enough but if you prefer a bright look then you have to look for a higher lumens light.

The brightness of solar light is also dependent on direct sun exposure. In a cloudy place, the light cannot recharge itself and results in lower lighting output.

Lighting Range

The lighting range of a spotlight is an essential factor. Normally, solar light can provide lighting for a few feet only but if you want more lighting range then you should check this matter carefully how much lighting coverage it’ll provide.

In our list DBF OUTDOOR SOLAR LANDSCAPE LIGHTS provides double lighting coverage than other spotlights. This one can light up up to 30 feet approximately. You can also install two or more units to light up a bigger area according to your need.

Battery Type

Choosing a spotlight with a high quality battery is very important. Common types of batteries that are used in solar spotlights are lithium-ion, lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries.

In the case of reliability, Lithium-ion is behind the other two but as the other two batteries are expensive so manufacturers prefer Lithium-ion batteries over the other two to keep the price affordable.                                                                                                                                     To get the best battery performance you have to check the spotlight with a higher battery capacity.

Charge and Run Time

Charge time is the amount of time taken by the battery to recharge itself. Obviously, on direct sun exposure, the battery will recharge fast. But if you live in a cloudy area then you should look for such a spotlight that efficiently recharges itself in rainy weather too.

The Estimated charging time of a solar powered spotlight is 6 to 8 hours. Anything beyond this should be avoided.

Runtime is the amount of time that the lights can light up at night. Normally a solar spotlight can run about 6 to 12 hours depending on brightness level.

Durability And Warranty

Durability plays a strong part in the case of outdoor space spotlight. They have to survive outside in tough weather. So, always look at the build quality before purchasing a new spotlight. Spotlight built with ABS Plastic, Aluminium, and stainless steel is much durable.

Ensure the lights are waterproof, snow-proof, heat resistant. Also, different manufacturers provide 1 to 3 years of warranty. You should note these things.

 Additionally, you can check the following factors

Solar Panel Type and Capacity

For a better lifetime, high-quality solar panels are obvious. Cheap panels won’t be able to survive during extreme weather conditions. So, make sure the panel is of high quality.

There are four types of panels.

  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline
  • Amorphous Silicon
  • Concentrated PV Cell (CVP)

Among them, monocrystalline panels are much more efficient as they are cut from a single silicon source as well as they have a longer life. The other panels are cost-effective but less efficient also have a shorter life than monocrystalline panels.

Standard quality solar panels will always provide maximum wattage output consuming less power.

Light Color and Temperature

Various color variant spotlights such as warm white, bright white, yellow, and blue colors are available. Kelvin (K) is used to measure the color temperature Low-temperature bulb produces warm amber light where a high-temperature bulb produces whiter light.


It’s better to go for such a spotlight which is very flexible. For wider coverage, you need a light with 120 degrees or 150 degrees light angles. If your light isn’t flexible enough you can’t adjust them more than 90 degrees.

Besides for optimum sun exposure from any angle, the panels need to be 360 degrees rotatable.

Daylight and Motion Sensor

Solar spotlight should sense day and night for higher power efficiency. In day time light will go to power-saving mode and at night stop power-saving mode and turn on.

Apart from this, if the lights have a PIR motion sensor then it’ll automatically up the brightness level if any motion is detected within a definite range.

FAQs about Best Solar Spotlights

  1. What is Solar Spotlight?

    Solar spotlights are the same as electrical spotlights but for solar light sunlight works as a power source.

  2. What is the price of a solar spotlight?

    The price of solar powered spotlights varies between $11 to $40. But make sure the product is value for money.

  3. Where should I install solar spot lights?

    You should install solar light in such a place where the light will get enough sunlight to recharge itself. Most solar lights need 8 hours of time for fully recharge. So, placing the lights in direct sunlight is the best option.

  4. What if I cannot install a solar spotlight with direct sun exposure?

    If you are from a tropical country then no need to worry about the sunlight but if you live in a place where the maximum time is cloudy or dark then you have to do certain tasks if you can’t install them in direct sunlight.

    Solar lights with landscape lighting pro can be fixed in a remote photovoltaic panel on the rooftop using a wired connection to the lights placed in a dark or shady area.
    But if you still can’t find sunlight on the rooftop as well then it’s not a wise decision to go for solar powered spotlights. Your money will be waste, lights won't be able to brighten up.

  5. Do solar lights require sunlight or just light is also enough?

    Solar powered light can be charged without sunlight. Direct sunlight isn’t necessary to charge it up.
    You can use any form of light to charge the solar light. Even common LED light can also be used to charge up solar light.

  6. How to install the solar spotlights?

    You have two options for solar spotlights installation. You can directly spike the lights on the ground or you can mount them on the wall using the provided screws. Nothing difficult.

  7. Between LED and CFL Which Spotlight is good?

    You will want to light up instantly no sooner than you press the switch. But that’s not possible with CFLs.Along with this CFL bulb contains mercury which is harmful to the environment. Besides, LEDs can illuminate larger areas consuming less power, much durable, and long lifespan.
    So, most of the solar spotlights are Light Emitting Diodes spotlight as both customers and manufacturers prefer them over CFLs spotlight considering the benefits.

  8. What is Lumen?

    Lumen is the measurement of brightness. The higher the Lumen higher will be the brightness. Before purchasing a light you should consider Lumens per watt
    Lumens per watt (lm/W) indicates the energy efficiency of a light bulb.

  9. What are Voltage, Ampere, and Watt and Relation between them?

    The volt is named in memory of Alessandro Volta. The potential difference between two points in an electric field is voltage.

    The rate of current in an electric conductor is Ampere.

    Watt is a unit of power in other words watt is just a unit of energy consumption.


Final Thoughts

We introduced you to the top ten best solar spotlights of the market by considering the features like battery type, runtime, durability, and warranty.

All these 10 brightest solar landscape lights are best in their way. Of course, they have some drawbacks but the benefits are much higher. Now it depends on you which one you’ll go for. But we may refer to some.

If you have no budget issue & looking for well-renowned quality spotlights, then you can surely go for LITOM SOLAR SPOTLIGHTS. They are flexible, much more durable, can light up decently and most importantly you’ll get 2 years warranty.

On a moderate budget, ROSHWEY spotlights can be a perfect choice for you. They can give a party look and can provide 1000 Lumens brightness. With these, you’ll get a 1-year warranty as well.

If you are in search of a spotlight to light up your patio on a tight budget then URPOWER can be a good option for you. They can provide much better service compared to other brands in this price segment.

Considering 24 hours backup, 3 lighting modes, 32 LEDs in a total of 1200 Lumens with an IP67 waterproof rating at such an affordable price, CLAONER spotlights surely give you reasons to consider. We may call it a compact one.

However, every product in this list is top-rated and of very good quality. You can purchase anyone according to your requirements and budget. So, what to think more about? Without any hesitation opt for any product according to your choice.

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