Benefits of LED Light Bulbs

As you are looking for the benefits of LED light bulbs, then I am sure that you are really amazed by the increasing number of LED bulbs uses in the current world. Really It’s surprising that LEDs are replacing all types of conventional bulbs. From your home, outdoor to industry, even in the lights of vehicles LEDs become a trend. Why do people have a craze for this light?

I wanna share an interesting prediction before going through the advantages of LEDs. US Department of Energy forecasts that in 2035, 5.1 quads of energy will be saved only by an LED light which is equivalent to 45 million homes! And from the span of 20 years, LED Lights will save approximately $630 Billion in energy costs!

With this amazing info, let’s head into our article.

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Benefits of LED Light Bulbs


Compared to the other types of light bulbs, LEDs last a few times more. A moderate type LED light bulb can last about 60,000 hours which may be equivalent to 7 years!

Energy Consumption:

Energy consumption is one of the considering factors while buying electronic or electrical products. LEDs may reduce about 50% of energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs, CFL, or fluorescent lights.


LEDs are not made of breakable glass or filament; they are actually made of Silicon. It results in a long-lasting product even in jarring or bumping.


While we said it’s energy-saving, one may think that it’s compromising with its quality of lighting. But it has to be noted that in some cases LEDs provide brighter and more intense light compared to their associates. 

Cool Light:

Heat production is a regular case for conventional lights like an incandescent lights. It produces 3.4 BTUs/hour compared to 85 BTUs of incandescent light.

Instant turning:

Unlike fluorescent light, LEDs can be turned on instantly.

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Dimmable fluorescent light may cost you extra dollars while most of the LEDs provide controllability within their original cost. Moreover, the Dimmability of LEDs has a wider range than its equivalents.

Environment Friendly:

LEDs are free from any kind of toxic material as its not required mercury. LEDs are recyclable and may refer as ‘Green’.


The initial cost of LEDs may seem expensive but it’s going to be cost-effective in long run. Additionally, LEDs are getting cheaper with the development of semiconductors.

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